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The One Decision Press Release | The One Decision Press Release
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The Soft Addiction Solution Press Release | The Soft Addiction Solution Press Release
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There Must Be More Than This & The Soft Addiction Solution Endorsements | There Must Be More Than This & The Soft Addiction Solution Endorsements
TV, Radio, and Print Highlights
WGN Radio 720AM
Judith discusses parents raising "little addicts" with Host Bill Moller.
Fox Chicago News
Judith talks about keeping your New Year's resolutions.
Margot Carmichael Lester gets Judith's input about online dating.
The Oklahoman
The Oklahoman interviews Judith on addiction to social media.
Dr. Oz
Hear Judith discussion soft addictions on Dr. Oz's radio program.
The CBS Early Show
Judith talks about soft addictions. Watch the video!
NBC 5 News Chicago
Save thousands of dollars by curbing seemingly harmless habits.
CBS 2 News Chicago
When does shopping become an addiction? Watch the video!
Judith talks about soft addictions to shopping and junk food. Watch the video!
The TODAY Show
Judith addresses the perils of addiction to shopping. Watch the video!
ABC 20/20
Judith coaches three people to break through their soft addictions — clutter, over-shopping, being late — and to make transformational changes in their lives. Watch the video!
Delicious Living Magazine
What kind of habits do you have? Judith gives Delicious Magazine readers tips on how to develop healthy habits.
Boston Globe
Judith explains to Boston Globe readers why spending too much money and time on beauty regimes is just another form of soft addiction.
New York Daily News
Judith explains real costs of living for celebrity gossip - and how to get a real life.
US 99.5 Chicago
Hear Judith discuss supermoms.
Hear Judith discuss ‘toxic friends’ and what to do about them.
WTMX-FM Chicago
Hear Judith advise the MIX’s Eric and Kathy in their “social experiment” helping bring two strangers together, get to know one another and fall in love - sight unseen.
Chicago Red Eye
Having trouble saying 'no'? Judith gives gives advice on standing up for yourself.
Chicago Sun Times
Read how Judith acts as a key advisor in WTMX-FM’s (101.9) “social experiment” helping two strangers get together, get to know each other and fall in love—sight unseen.
Fitness Magazine
Judith contributes to Fitness magazine’s tips from women and fitness coaches who manage to shoehorn in workouts even when their schedules are out of control.
The Chicago Tribune
“You don’t die from soft addictions, but you don’t really live either.” Julie Deardorff interviews Judith on overcoming the many new forms of soft addictions through commitment to a fuller life.
CBS Chicago
Judith chats with CBS about how Valentine's can be a time to strengthen relationships.
NBC Chicago
Judith talks pre-superbowl about how you know if you have a sports addiction.
ABC Chicago
Broken New Year's resolutions? Judith gives you 4 tips on how to get back on track.
Judith converses with MSNBC about the Super Bowl and sports addictions.
Fox News
Judith chats with Fox national news about sports addictions.
CBS TV-Chicago
Judith shares her tips for keeping your New Year’s resolutions alive and moving well into the new year.
Fox TV-Chicago
Learn about the key soft addictions that may be getting in the way of your success—shopping, coffee, Internet, TV.
ABC's 20/20
Judith Wright coaches people to break through their soft addictions—clutter, being late, nail-biting, and overshopping—to make inspiring transformations in their lives.
The San Francisco Chronicle
In this article, The Chronicle interviews Judith about breaking through soft addictions and making each moment count.
The Today Show
Too much information! Anne Courey interviews Judith about soft addictions in our country and what you can do to break through them, especially living in our information age.
Fitness Magazine
Whether you're into Internet, TV, or shopping, Judith Wright shares her tips in Fitness about what to do about these soft addictions.
Good Morning America
Diane Sawyer and Judith talk about soft addictions and share with 3 women who have made powerful changes in their lives to overcome these bad habits.
New York Daily News
Follow the stories of pack rats, email checkers, cell phone junkies, and overshoppers who follow Judith's advice on breaking through their bad habit to success!
Chicago Sun Times
Debra Pickett interviews Judith Wright on the greater MORE of life and breaking through her soft addictions.
Fox & Friends
Judith appears on the nationally syndicated Fox & Friends talking about soft addictions.
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